Why Grounded Gardens uses CBD Rosin and CBD infused Butter

Grounded Gardens is a seed to shelf company meaning we grow our hemp, process our hemp, and make our all natural CBD Product line with our processed hemp. Grounded Gardens wants to always know what is going into our bodies, and we control that by doing every step of production ourselves, in house with love and dedication. Grounded Gardens uses CBD Rosin and CBD Infused Butter to give you the Full Spectrum, whole plant, products we all DESERVE! Grounded Gardens infuses butter with hemp flower to make our Award Winning CBD Edibles. The rest of our product line uses our fresh pressed, Full Spectrum, CBD Rosin. Rosin is pressed from dried hemp flower with heat and pressure instead of chemicals, to squeeze out the cannabinoid rich oil that is the back bone of Grounded Gardens products! True full Spectrum CBD Products give you an entourage effect, giving the consumer all the properties of the Hemp flower. Grounded Gardens tries to use the plant as it was gifted to us by Mother Earth, without harsh processing procedures. Pressing Rosin is a labor of love and you can see the beauty in every drop of oil, that is why Grounded Gardens takes the hardest path to get the purest oil around!

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