This year at Grounded Gardens we started on new land homesteaded by Bridgette’s Family. This land has been traditionally farmed with corn and soybeans for over 30 years and now we have taken over the 18 acres to turn it into organic farmland. Being our first year in this field we were excited to experiment with what would grow best were on the farm. Having 18 acres this year after only 2 last year we knew we wouldn’t plant it all, but watch how even the weeds grew in certain areas to teach us lessons. We decided to plant not only hemp but also vegetables, and a nice pumpkin patch we hope to share with others.

It has been fun to feed ourselves and our amazing volunteers and Interns with our veggies, as we hope to feed more of the community next year and in the years to come. We have so many big dreams on how we can give back and help others through mother earth gifts of food, herbs, and CBD! Each year we have a lot of Failures but that only teaches us what to or not to do next year! This has definitely been a difficult year with 2 out of our 3 seed dealers not being honest.

Grounded Gardens is a seed to a shelf company and we need to be able to depend on our seed dealers to know we are getting what they say we are for our business to succeed. Makes us wonder are they trying to just take our money or are they trying to sabotage us, or maybe both?!? The good thing is we got our money back, but that doesn’t help our growing season when we don’t have the plants we were promised! Luckily we planned for some loss so we planted extra and we can start growing indoors also, but we really love that natural sunlight! So the Grounded Girls will continue to fight on learning lessons as we go!

Happy Hemp Farming ~ Bridgette