On January 27th, 2019 grounded garden’s team of women planted 50 seeds of two different types of Hemp. Getting ready for our indoor organic nursery grow. Where at one location we will have 15 plants in 17gal buckets. Using bigger containers and less plants gets us the biggest indoor plants possible. The root system dictates how big your plant will get; bigger roots = bigger, healthier plants. We will sex these 50 plants in a few weeks and hopefully get 15 good healthy females, to get beautiful CBD flowers from. The females are what grows the beautiful CBD flowers, and if we let the males grow with the females, they will pollinate the females and we will not have good CBD flowers. We will have seeds, instead of flowers, and no one wants seeds in their flowers!! 

We are excited to be licensed Hemp growers through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Hemp pilot program. Grounded Gardens is a women-owned business that will help women who have been hurt by the prohibition of Cannabis/Hemp. We are hiring Interns for the 2019 Hemp growing season to learn and grow in our company with us. If you know anyone interested in learning the hemp industry, have them contact us at groundedgardensllc@gmail.com today!

Grounded Gardens will also have another indoor grow of about 50 hemp plants started in April of 2019, and an acre of outdoor hemp plants. We hope to get about 800 plants into that Acre of land. Starting those 800 plants indoors will be a big project, that we are excited to take on and will share with you along the way! 

We are growing organic artisan CBD flowers, cultivated by hand; to create beautiful CBD hand-pressed oil, smokable CBD flower, CBD edibles, and CBD bath & body products. We will have a limited amount of product available in June and our big harvest will come in October. Keep an eye out for our growth over the next few months.

~Bridgette Pinder~